it’s an uplifting experience filled with insightful teaching, lively singing and group Bible study.

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Houses of Prayer

At the Home of: Michael and Agnieszka
On Wednesdays at 8 pm

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We would like to tell you a story about a seed...

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Koinonia John the Baptist …

…, Reality of Bristol, is a member of the Federation Koinonia Giovanni Battista which is a new lay order in the Catholic Church, founded in 1979, in Italy, by Fr. Ricardo Arganaraz. A member of the Catholic Fraternity, Koinonia is a community of Priests (30), consecrated brothers and sisters (circa 150) and lay faithful (circa. 4000). Koinonia Oases and Realities exist across Europe in Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Ireland and in England.

Koinonia is called to be John the Baptist, preparing the way of the Lord, by equipping the Church in a biblical mentality and laying down the foundations of our faith by evangelisation through courses (Philip, Paul, Emmaus & the Gospels, John etc.), by prayer, praise and scripture proclamation and by the encouragement of Houses of Prayer (HOPEs). The goal of a House of Prayer is wide-spread evangelisation by means of testimony and the announcement of the Word of God to those who are far way from faith in Jesus.

While consecrated brothers and sisters undergo their own formation internally (personal prayer, community life and prayer, evangelisation school) and at Roman-Catholic universities (faculty of theology and philosophy) the lay member grow through personal prayer and their local family-community life with Houses of Prayer, family-community (Agapito) and Koinonia meetings, ministries and evangelisation school courses which are also held locally.

We minister in our family-communities but also in our local parishes with involvement in the Holy Mass and other parish activities. Our evangelisation school courses are open for everyone and can be held in every parish. Especially Philip Course is well received by parish members as it is comparable to the successful and well known Alpha Course in the UK.

Koinonia John the Baptist seeks to live evangelical prosperity which is understood as a sharing of goods. The upkeep of the life and activities of the Koinonia is derived from tithing, from members’ contributions, donations from sympathisers or the result of other Koinonia activities.

Every pastoral activity of the Koinonia is actively inserted into existing ecclesiastical structures thus adding its own contribution to the realisation of local pastoral plans.


Meet the Koinonia John the Baptist

The following Video was made by the members of Koinonia JtB in USA.